Looking for something bigger?

Deronde has invested in state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to produce doors and frames larger than most commercial manufacturers. As a custom house, we can fabricate doors as wide as 6’ and taller than 15’ (material availability dependent).  Our weld shop is equipped to handle oversized units and maintains the high standard of quality all of our products.

Some products include

  • Monorail doors and frames
  • Art museums to accommodate larger pieces of work
  • Manufacturing facilities

Standard Features

Oversized frames can be effectively infinite in size through the use of splicing. Sidelites frames, transom frames, multi-opening frames or any other custom unit can be made and welded in house. For shipping purposes, we can prep a welded field splice or mechanical field splice to mitigate any logistical issues.

For oversized 3 sided frames, we can weld together jambs larger than 13’ to create a flush consistent jamb as needed.

  • Ability to fabricate doors wide as 6’ and taller than 15’
  • Welding together jambs larger than 13’ to create a consistent flush
  • Capable to produce monorail door and frame units as well as vertically swung doors


View some examples of Deronde’s previous work in fabricating oversized doors and frames.

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