Have a need for lead protection?

There are many uses for lead lined frames that Deronde Doors & Frame can help with. With the growing healthcare industry and rising demand for lead protection in construction, look no further we got you covered! Our background helps us easily facilitate this type of custom work for a myriad of industries.

Standard Features

Lead lined frame and doors can be fabricated from both steel and stainless steel material along with any other custom component or hardware. Get a quote or contact us directly for any further information.

  • Offering lead-lined doors and lead-lined frames with a variety of thicknesses from 1/32″ to 3/4″
  • Half profile or full profile coverage on frames
  • Doors offered as Steel Stiffened with lead ‘sandwiched’ between the components


View some examples of Deronde’s previous work in fabricating lead-lined doors and frames.

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