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Stainless Steel


What differentiates Deronde from our competition when it comes to Stainless Steel?

  • Deronde’s #1 selling custom product is Stainless Steel doors and frames!
  • Our quick lead time makes the difference!
    • Frames – 3 weeks (depending on quantity and detail)
    • Doors – 4 weeks (depending on quantity and detail)
  • Attention to Detail
    • Deronde employs welders that specialize in Stainless Steel material
    • Deronde manufactures all of its stainless steel products in an enclosed room, this way our stainless steel never comes in contact with other types of material
  • Experience
    • Deronde has manufactured stainless steel doors for some of the highest end users in the market, including pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants, water treatment plants and high end architectural requirements
  • Buying Power
    • With the large amounts of Stainless Steel that Deronde purchases on a yearly basis, our raw material discounts get passed on to you!
    • Material Certifications
      • All orders, irregardless of the size, will have a material certification that remains on file that guarantees that what was ordered was what was received by distributor/customer.
      • USA Steel can be requested with material certification to support requirement



Stainless Steel Product Information

  • Gauge – How thick the material is (10ga. – 18ga) – The lower the gauge the thicker the material
  • Grade – There are three grades of stainless steel that Deronde will provide. (304, 316, 317) The Grade of Stainless steel is the compound of the stainless and is not visible, but it will perform differently in different applications. The more nickel in the grade, the better it will perform against corrosion.
    • 304- (min. 8% nickel content) – this grade is very common and the least expensive grade of SS that Deronde provides.
    • 316 -(min. 10% nickel content) – this grade is used often in water and food treatment plants.
    • 317 – (min. 11% nickel content) – this is used very rarely, but has a little more nickel content than 316.
  • Finish – This is how the stainless steel is or is not polished. There are three typical finishes that Deronde will offer. (2b,#4, and #6)
    • 2b – not polished
    • #4 – is a matte finish. (95%, if not more of industry use #4 finish)
    • #6 – less reflective finish than #4 finish
    • XLS – A finish that is prevalent in many Northern architectural projects. This particular finish is more durable in cold weather climates.
    • Passivate Finish – passivate finish is available and certification will be provided when ordered. Passivation takes the oxides out and seals the stainless steel to help mitigate corrosion.

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