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330 Greene Street
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Our Story

In 2007, the Munschauers’ launched an exciting rebirth of Deronde Doors and Frames. Taking control of a company that is over 70 years old, the Munschauers’ brought a new and exciting view on how to provide distributors all over the United States and Canada with custom hollow metal solutions in the door and frame industry.

Coming with over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing business, already owning a precision metal fabrication shop, the Munschauers’ knew all too well what it took to take a manufacturing company to the top of its industry. As owner Grace Munschauer puts it:

It’s pretty easy. This is a relationship business. We will strive to form long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our distribution base. It will always be our goal as a company to have our customers not look at Deronde as a vendor, but rather as a manufacturing arm of their own facility. The only way to do this is to be the absolute best in our industry when it comes to quality, delivery and most importantly customer service.”

This dedication to customer service has been the driving force to the success of Deronde Doors and Frames. Since 2007, Deronde has grown by over 300% in sales. With this substantial growth, Deronde has more than doubled their workforce, invested in a new 40,000 Sq. Ft. manufacturing facility, along with the most state of the art capital equipment in the hollow metal door and frame industry.

The investment in both personnel and capital equipment has taken Deronde Doors and Frames to the top of the industry in regards to the custom products and quick lead times that are offered. Below is just a small sample of some of the exciting projects Deronde has been involved in over the last seven years:

Ben and Jerry’s Plant ♦ Bethesda Memorial Hospital ♦ Brown University ♦ Byrne Dairy Plant ♦ Chobani Yogurt Plant ♦ Cornell University ♦ Dartmouth University ♦ Fage Yogurt Plant ♦ First Niagara Center ♦ HarborCenter ♦ Harvard University ♦ Navel Shipyard, Kittery, ME ♦ Nike Outlet, Chicago IL ♦ Nike Outlet, Manhattan, NY ♦ Notre Dame University ♦ Pfan Pharmaceutical Plant ♦ Ralph Wilson Stadium ♦ Roswell Park Cancer Institute ♦ St. Ann’s Hospital ♦ University at Buffalo, New York


The company mantra is that it does not matter whether the project is large or a single opening.


“You know you are doing a good job when our customer tells you so.”


We strive to provide solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. With the continued zeal to listen to our customers’ feedback, we provide progressive engineering solutions for your frame or door.

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