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Hollow Metal Frames

Deronde Doors and Frames specialize in the most complex of frame profiles. When it comes to custom profiles that you need in a rush, Deronde is your Answer!

  • Manufactured with A60 galvaneeled steel and primed
    • Compared to galvanized steel, A60 galvaneeled steel provides:
      • Improved spot-weldability
      • Ease of painting and improved coating adhesion
  • Made to customer specifications
  • Broken using 3D graphics
  • Offered knock down, with a face weld, or with a full profile weld

What different materials does Deronde manufacture their frames from?

  • A60 galvaneeled steel (10 gage – 18 gage)
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lead Lined
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • G90 Steel


What are some of the different custom profile frames does Deronde Offer?

  • Masonry Double Rabbet
  • Drywall Double Rabbet
  • Masonry Case Open
  • Drywall Case Open
  • Masonry Single Rabbet
  • Drywall Single Rabbet
  • Masonry Double Egress (1 Piece head)
  • Drywall Double Egress (1 piece head)
  • No Return Bend
  • Communicating Frame
  • Dutch Door Frames
  • Pocket Frames
  • Access Door Frames
  • Hospital Stop Frames (1 piece jamb)
  • Custom Slip Frames
  • Non Standard Profile Frames

ATECH-SEH Metal Fabricators 

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