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Hollow Metal Doors 



Sharp couple of gentlemen here!


From the beginning of any project, our design engineers create drawings
that are critical in manufacturing. This is particularly important for custom
work so that all team members are of the same 'leaf' with what the
customer needs are. Each step of the way is carefully planned to bring the
separate pieces together as one unit. From engineering to laser-cutting to
braking to welding, each job is essential to producing a
durable and affordable product.

The project featured on the right is for an art museum. The
preference was for a rustic finish. Untreated cold rolled steel was
specified for use due to its colored finish. The group pictured
on the right was the lead team who spearheaded the efforts.




All Deronde Doors are:

  • A60 galvaneeled steel and primed
  • CAD drawn
  • Fully seam welded (seamless)
  • Polystyrene cores (Polyurethane option)
  • Offered with steel stiffeners
  • Made to customer specifications
  • Laser cut
  • Design team on staff

Seamless Edge Under Construction

What varieties of custom doors do Deronde offer?

  • Flush doors, A60 galvaneeled steel (10 gage – 18 gage) 
  • Stainless Steel Doors (refer to stainless steel page)
  • Lead Lined Doors
  • Detention Grade Doors (refer to detention page)
  • Steel Stiffened A60 galvaneeled Steel (10 gage – 18 gage)
  • Temperature Rise Doors
  • Dutch Doors
  • Radius Doors
  • Oversized Doors (largest to date is 13' 3"!)
  • Handicap Elevator Man Doors
  • Access Doors
  • Special Cut Out Doors
  • Louver Doors (louver stamped in door, rather than a louver kit)
  • G90 Hollow Metal Doors
  • Powder Coated Doors (including wood grained finish)
  • Galvanized Steel Doors (10 gage – 18 gage)
  • Hollow Metal Doors With Applied Molding
  • Embossed Doors

ATECH-SEH Metal Fabricators 

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